How to Prepare For Your First Lash Competition?

If you haven't entered a lash competition yet, now's the time to push yourself and do it.Ā šŸ‘Š Get inspired with theseĀ FIVE TOP TIPSĀ for competing in online lash competitionsĀ Ā author Shannon Boyle.


1. Select the right model

You want a model with a good set of natural lashes and who has layers of lashes.Ā Look for good features like clear skin and clean brows which really add to the overall effect of the lashes. You also want to choose someone you're comfortable with and who is happy to chill for a hours while you focus on creating your best work. I don't chat when I'm doing my competition sets as they require all my attention, so the person must be comfortable relaxing while I focus.

Ā 2. Prepare with a trial set

Always do a trial set before the competition to allow for any correction work. You might find that you need to adjust styling or work on your photography. If you give yourself the time to practice on your model before the competition, it will be so worth it on the day when it really matters.

3. Take your time

You cannot rush a competition set, so give yourself plenty of time--at least 3-5 hours for a set. From personal experience, lashing a competition set as well as regular clients in one day can be overwhelming. Competition sets require so much concentration and they really do take all your energy. Enjoy the process and don't rush. You aren't on a time restriction

4. Focus on the basics

Never underestimate the importance of lash basics like perfect isolation, correct glue usage, perfect attachment and of course, lash direction. Clean work is so important and these factors above always show clean work.

5. Take brilliant photos

Your photos are critical when it comes to lash competitions. Good photos sell your work. Always ensure you have a blank background when taking photos and elminate anything that could detract from your work. That means no certifications, tweezers, or mascara wands in the background of your photo or on your lash pillow. I switch between my Canon 80D and iPhone when I take photos, but the most important part of photography is ensuring the camera lens is clean and in focus. Play around with your angles and lighting. Ensure full face photos are always of the client sitting up and looking straight towards the camera.

So there you have it! 5 amazing tips for competing in online lash competitions! Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your wisdom and experience. Have something to add? Leave your comments or questions below.

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