• What Are The Difference Between Russian Volume, Mega Volume, and Hybrid lashes extension?

    As we all know, there are different styles in the ‘volume lash family’. Here are the examples of different types of volume lashes. Russian Volume: The Volume and Russian Volume are basically the same. It is a technique that allows the application of multiple single strand eyelash extensions to one natural lash while maintaining the health and safety of the client’s natural lashes. They are...
  • What Are Easy Fan Lashes?

    What Are Easy Fan Lashes?
    Easy fan lashes are a type of extension held together at the base.Our easy fan lashes allow you to achieve the look and feel of professional handmade volume fans with minimal experience. They are self-fanning, but they aren’t necessarily PreMade fans.  Easy fan lashes are also called self fanning or fast fanning lashes, which can create fans from 2D to 10D easily without any professional skilled technology, even as a beginning lash artist. They’re perfect for pinching because once you pick them up with your tweezers, you can easily make the base smaller.Easy fan lashes will help you to make fans very easy. EASY FAN LASHES are specially designed for lash technicians that are NEW to volume by hand technique. These lash trays are designed to make perfect and consistent fans every time. By isolating small groups of lashes in each row, you can make the perfect fan every single time!  With the Easy Fan Volume lashes, you can quickly and easily make the desired fans in a pinch! You can keep a case of them in case you ever need to hand make a few fans to fill in a set. If you are struggling to make mega volume fans, or exhausted from a long day of lashing, this will be a life-saver for you!
  • How To Choose An Eyelash Vendor?

    First ,What is a good wholesale eyelash vendor ? 1 Supply top grade lashes lashes. This is the basic thing you should know, instead of sales and service, your customer would like to order the best mink lashes to show the taste and personality and beauty. 2 The price of Lashes Wholesale This is the second thing you should pay attention to , and...
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