Lashmallow was founded with the idea that lashes can be luxurious and high quality while simultaneously being sustainable and eco-friendly. Originally based out of Qingdao, China, Lashmallow has now grown into a global enterprise.

Lashmallow now offering a range of eyelash extensions, aftercare, makeup formulated for eyelash extensions, application tools, eyelash glue, and beauty care products.

Lashmallow was at the forefront of the industry offering products customization services dedicated to beauty brands, lash professionals, MUAs, aestheticians, cosmetologists, and beauty salon owners.

Lashmallow has developed an industry standard anchored in quality, expertise, and service.

From the factory to the consumer, Lashmallow adopts the DTC model to reduce intermediate circulation links, thereby helping you to use our products more efficiently and conveniently.

At Lashmallow we are proud to offer the largest and safest selection of professional eyelash extension products. The products sold at Lashmallow are completely safe and rich in quality. We are known for having superior quality products with fast shipping options. Quality lashes directly from manufacturers. Just read the reviews - these manufacturers really do know their game:)


The Lashmallow Co., Ltd core mission resides in the success of our customers. Our ongoing aim is to deliver the highest quality at a price point that supports the development and success of our customer’s growth. Whether a longtime beauty industry or a new product at the cutting edge of beauty advancement, we are here to meet all of our customer’s needs.

As the beauty industry evolves and new technologies emerge, we will continue to offer a comprehensive line of products while providing absolute excellence and pricing. Continually inspired by our customers and dedicated to our core mission, it is in this energy and spirit that Lashmallow looks ahead, continuing to blaze a bold beauty trail.

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