Complete Visual Guide to Different Types of Eyelash Extension

Lash extensions can vary by materials, thickness, curls, length and the type of look they give. Some are designed to give a voluminous look while others are designed to give a deep lift to your natural eyelashes. The several types of eyelash extensions often confuse both lash wearers and lash artists, as to which will be the right lash extension type for them.

But we found the perfect solution to this million dollar problem!

No, we are not announcing another new eyelash extension type! That would make it more confusing for you, right?

But we decided to write this blog explaining all the different types of eyelash extensions available in the market. This guide is designed to be your one-stop guide to know the A to Z about all the eyelash types.

We will breakdown eyelash extension types based on:

  • materials they are made from
  • curl options available
  • length and thickness of lashes
  • the looks they are designed to give

In addition to that, we will also explain the benefits of each lash extension type and who is it good for. This will help you decide which is the best option for you. 

Let’s get started!

Types of Eyelash Extension Materials

Mink Eyelash Extensions

mink eyelash extensions

As the name suggests, these lashes come from the tail of Mink animals, which can either be Siberian Mink or Chinese Mink. They offer the most natural and fluffy look. However, as they are made from real fur they do not have a very curly shape. You have to continuously perm them to get the desired curl. Mink lashes are also expensive. Since real mink lashes are sourced from animals, many lash wearers do not prefer it because they feel it causes cruelty to animals. Some people can also be allergic to mink lashes which can prevent them from styling their eyes.

Price Range: $29 to $45

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions.

faux mink eyelash extensions

Faux Mink Lashes are made from synthetic fiber and are the most commonly used material by lash professionals. They are glossier and possess a permanent curl when compared to Mink Lashes. As they are synthetically made, these lashes are highly customizable and available in different curls, sizes and thickness options. They are also vegan and do not cause any harm, directly or indirectly to animals. Most brands claim their Faux Mink Lashes are hypoallergenic which makes it easy for anyone to wear. Faux Lashes are also cheaper than Mink Lashes and do not require frequent perming to hold the curls, making them a permanent solution. 

Price Range: $18 to $25 (for a pair)

Silk Eyelash Extensions

silk eyelash extensions

Silk Lashes are the newest type of lashes and have recently gained widespread popularity. They are thicker, brighter and designed to provide a fuller appearance than Faux Mink Lashes. Silk Lashes are also effective at holding the curls for a longer period. One important thing to know is that Silk Lashes are made from a synthetically manufactured silk fiber and not from real silk, as many brands state. This is because silk is soft which makes it difficult to hold the curl. 

Price Range: $18 to $25 (for a pair)

Types of Eyelash Extension Curls

J-Curl: It is the most natural type and has the minimum curl. J Curl is best for Individuals with straight or downward pointing lashes, who do not want a lot of lift.

B-Curl: This lash type begins straight but has a curl at the tip. Those who do not want to add a lot of volume and length to their lashes usually prefer to wear this.

C-Curl: C-Curl has a C-shape and creates a wide eye-effect by lifting your eyes. It is suitable for every eye shape as it does not give a very dramatic look. They do not look too heavy and are the most popularly used curls.

CC-Curl: The curl of this type falls between C-Curl and D-Curl. The CC-Curl is used to provide a bigger and dramatic feel to the eyes.

D-Curl: Having a half-circle shape this type offers the maximum curl. D-curl is recommended for those who have naturally curly lashes or monoids.

L-Curl: The lash begins straight and then turns to give an L-shape. They prove the maximum curl and are best for people who have hooded eyes or downward sloping natural eyelashes.

LC-Curl: Like the L-Curl these also begin straight and turn into C-Curl rather than going straight up. LC-Curl gives a more substantial effect than L-Curl.  

To understand which type of curl is good for you or your client’s eyes, you first need to identify the shape of your eyes. Once you do that decide which type of look you want. Whether you want more volume or lift. Then you can select one of the above curl options to get the desired look.

Types of Eyelash Extension Lengths and Thickness

eyelash extension thickness and length

Eyelash extensions are also available in multiple length and thickness options. When selecting the length, the rule is to choose one that is not more than 2-3 mm longer than your natural lashes. This will ensure the weight of extensions gets evenly balanced on your natural eyelashes. 

Lash Lengths

5 to 7 mm: Shortest length used for application in the corner areas of the eyes.

8 to 10 mm: This is equal to the normal length of natural lashes.

11 to 13 mm: Perfect to be used as the base length of the middle part of the eyes. It is the most commonly used lash length.

14 to 15mm: Longest type of lashes that are used at the outer corners to provide an enhanced puppet effect.

The thickness or diameter should also be selected based on the natural lash thickness. It is generally recommended to select a diameter that is equal to or slightly higher than the diameter of the natural eyelashes.

Lash Diameters

0.05 mm: Lightest type that helps to create 2D-10D and hyper-volumes.

0.07 mm: Used to create 2D-5D volumes.

0.10 mm: Typically used to create a natural look without adding too much weight

0.15 mm: Gives a classic look and is heavier than others

Lash experts use lashes of different thicknesses to create handmade volume fans. This helps them to give a substantial look to the eyes of their clients. Combining different lash lengths and thicknesses can give a mesmerizing appearance to your eyes. We will discuss in detail about volume fans in the next section.

Extension Types Based on the Look

Classic, Volume, Easy-Fan and Premade Fan Extensions

If you are familiar with the process of how lash extensions are applied, you would have often heard the terms ‘classic’ and ‘volume.’ These are used to refer to the pattern in which lash extensions are applied on your natural lashes. 

The process of lash application involves placing an extension on the natural lash. The extension is secured to the natural lash with the help of an adhesive. Classic lash extensions involve placing one lash extension on one natural lash. This gives a completely natural look and is also less time consuming than volume lashes.

On the other hand, Volume lash extensions involve joining lashes of different lengths and thickness at the base. This helps to create what is called a volume fan. This fan is then applied to a single natural lash, just like how classic lashes are applied. It gives a more adorable and exciting look to your lashes. They also take less time to apply than classic extensions.

Volume extensions are available in two types

Premade fans

Premade fans come joined together at the base. They can carry between 2 to 8 lashes of different lengths and thicknesses. If you are a beginner lash artist then it is recommended to use premade fans as they are easier to apply and will also take less time.


Experienced lash artists can create volume fans on their own. Depending upon the customer’s requirements they can use lash extensions of different lengths and thickness to create a customized handmade volume fan. Many brands sell self-fanning lash boxes, which contains an assortment of lashes of different lengths and thickness. Depending on the look your client wants, you can create customized volume fans for them.

Flat Lashes

These have a flattened base which makes them lighter than the regular Mink or Faux Lashes. It provides a wider contact area for the adhesive. Other types of lashes have a rounded base which makes them feel heavier when applied on the natural lashes. Flat Lashes are best for those who want their lashes to have a fuller look, without making their natural lashes carry too much weight. It helps to create an eyeliner effect that is durable and also comfortable. Owing to the flat surface they also offer faster retention. 

Colored Lashes

Eyelash extensions are also available in several color options. They come in all the different types of color shades, in subdued or wild patterns. Just like girls like to tint their natural eyelashes to get the desired color, colored eyelash extensions can be applied to get a more personalized and dramatic look. Color Lashes offer all the features that different types of lashes offer, which makes them easily usable. You can match it with your hair color or try to create a unique effect by exploring different color options and elevate your personality. 

So which types of eyelash extensions are good for me?

As you must have realized by now, there is no straight answer to this question. Multiple factors determine the type of lash that will look good on you. You first have to identify the length, diameter, and curl of your natural lash and the shape of your eyelids. After you know this, the next step is to think about the look you want to get. 

If you want to get longer extensions then you will have to use lashes that have less thickness but if you want a fuller look, you will have to use longer lashes. This will help to evenly balance the extensions on your natural lashes. Next, decide about the curl and color you want. 

We hope this guide will help clear a lot of your doubts surrounding the different types of eyelashes available in the market. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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