Professional Stretch Bedspread - Black
Soft and Super Lightweight Lash Professional Stretchable Bed cover SPECIALLY DESIGNED to fit a range of beauty/lash salon bedsthe cut-out section at the rear of the bed has been included so that you can keep your legs under the bed, allowing you...
Velvet Lash Pillow - Black
– beautifully made, velvet finish the extra comfy pillow– the foam inside has even been tailored to not retain moisture, so will not affect the behavior of your glues– made from memory foam to provide ample comfort and support– has...
Lashmallow Luna Mirror
The luna shape is suitable for most eye shapes, and the entire extended state can be seen when applying eyelashes. High-quality eyelash tools for professional eyelash artists.Durable materialThe handle of this eyelash extension mirror is made of stainless steel, which...
Butterfly Lash Mirror - Pink
Stainless Steel Material – Made of durable stainless steel material, the eyelash extension mirror is sturdy and solid for lifetime use. Rust-proof, not easy to fade. With a non-slip handle design, it is easy to grip and comfortable to operate....
Beauty Mirror For Eyelashes Extension - Pink
1. Beauty mirror can be used to graft eyelashes and daily beauty2. Small and light, easy to carry3. Eyelash grafter and beauty artist must have TRANSLATE with x English Arabic Hebrew Polish Bulgarian Hindi Portuguese Catalan Hmong Daw Romanian Chinese...
Professional Eyelash Extension Removable Stainless Steel Multifunction Checking Mirror - Pink
The Lashmallow® Eyelash Mirror has lightweight with a long stainless steel handle which is comfortable to handle and use. It has a large rectangle mirror part to view all areas that are unseen in the field of vision.Portable control mirror for...
$6.00 $3.00
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