Remover Pen
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This remover dissolves eyelash extension glue for fast, effective eyelash extension removal.This Glue Remover is the best adhesive remover on the market.It's Tasteless, very gentle on the eyes, and only requires a minimal amount.PLEASE DO NOT leak into eyes. If...
15g Eyelash Glue Cream Remover for Professional Lashes Extension Adhesive Quick Removal Non-irritating
【FEATURES】1. Made up of safe and non-irritating plant ingredients, and won't hurt your eye. 2. Quickly dissolve and remove eyelash glue, it is used to remove the eyelash extension. 3. Portable size is convenient to carry anywhere and you can...
$10.50 $5.99
Eyelash Remover Plastic Wraps Preservative Film for Eyelash Extension
Made of high-grade material that is safe, non-toxic, harmless, and also eco-friendly. Convenient to unrip with the cutting tip on the box. Ultra-thin, easy to tear, good toughness, and professional design. Can be used as a preservative film for tattoo...
$5.14 $3.50
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