How to Grow Your Eyelash Extension Business?

Eyelash Extensions are gaining popularity as a way to look and feel beautiful every day. Because everyone wants thick, gorgeous lashes these days, becoming trained and certified Eyelash Extension Artist can be a very lucrative business for beauticians. Starting an eyelash business is just the beginning - now you need to find a steady stream of customers and grow your business!

Like any entrepreneur who wants to elevate their business, you may question yourself as a lash artist, from your lashing skill set to your business savviness. It’s not uncommon for lash artists to feel doubtful throughout the course of their journey—it’s hard work! Even the most successful entrepreneurs may ask, “Do I deserve this? How long will this event last?”

Take the time to breathe, step back and re-evaluate your self-worth. If you’re struggling with feeling good enough or de-valuing yourself as a lash artist, then you’re setting yourself up to trip and fall before you step ahead. Self-assurance and confidence are ingredients for advancement. Look inwardly, and ask yourself:

Why was I initially passionate about lashing? What’s my purpose now?
How much have I grown and accomplished since I first started?
What challenges have gotten me to where I am today?
Am I comparing myself to others? Why? Is that working for me?
What is my personal definition of success? What am I doing and not doing to achieve that with my business?
Are my goals right for me? Do I have a clear set of goals?
Strive to run your business in a way that aligns with your passion, values, and vision, and then develop the readiness to grow from a self-worth perspective. Lashmallow Lashes as a professional Eyelash Extension Manufacturer, here are our favorite tips for making it happen:

Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Work
Eyelash extensions are all about visual appeal, which is why top-notch photos of your extensions are a necessity. If your website, Instagram, and Facebook page feature beautiful lash extension photos, potential clients will feel compelled to make an appointment, while dark, badly lit, blurry, or unflattering pictures may keep them away.

Photographing something as delicate as eyelashes is a tricky business. If you’re not especially skilled at taking photos, we feel it’s definitely worthwhile to pay for a professional photographer who will make the most of lighting and camera settings to get you the best possible photos.

Invest in Advertising
Advertising is one of those “you have to spend money to make money” areas of business. Paid online advertising will increase website hits, and if the ads are targeted properly many of those hits will convert to bookings. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Yelp Advertising are all great options. You may want to only pay for one to start out, and then add on other advertising as your business (and budget) grows. Facebook Ads are a great place to start because they are affordable and you have complete control over your budget.

Ask Your Clients to Rebook
The worst feeling is when you give a new client beautiful lashes for the first time, you can tell she loves them, but then she forgets to rebook and you never hear from her again. Repeat business is ideal because you don’t have to spend nearly as much time retaining an existing client as you spend marketing yourself to new clients. An easy way to get more frequent repeat business is to offer to rebook your client at the end of each appointment. This makes life easier for them since they won’t have to remember to call, and it automatically helps keep your calendar full.
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