12 Best Eyelash Extension Training Classes 2022

89% of eyelash artists practicing in the United States have completed some type of training. This highlights the importance of taking formal training. Formal training helps to gain knowledge and insights from experts in the industry. 

However, there is also a problem as to which training to take. With hundreds of courses offered by different institutes, it can be overwhelming for you to select one. Signing up for a course that does not meet your expectations can turn out to be an expensive investment and can also demotivate you.

Having hands-on experience in the field, we decided to create this post to help those who are looking for a great eyelash extension training.

In this post, we cover everything that you need to know about how to select a lash training course and what are some of the best eyelash extension classes available.

How to Choose Eyelash Extension Training Classes

You should consider the following things before taking up an eyelash extension course:

Course Type

There are courses for beginners as well as experienced lash artists. Beginners should sign up for a course that covers the basics of lash applications. Experienced lash artists can take up advanced level programs to improve their skills or become an educator with one of the training institutes. With a steady rise in demand for eyelash training courses, many institutes are looking for experienced professionals who can provide training to students.

Offline vs Online

The eyelash training workshops are available both in the offline and online formats. Classroom training can help you gain confidence by allowing you to work with a live model. On the other hand, online training allows you to learn the skills without having to travel. Depending upon your preference and training availability near your location, you can select a classroom or online training course. 


The course that you enroll in should provide you with a certificate after completion of the training. It is important to note that certification does not guarantee you the legal right to practice as a lash artist. For this, you should check your local state or country laws to find out the regulations governing the profession. However, certification adds great value to you as a lash artist. 

After course support

Even after completing the course, you will need support to grow and face challenges in your lash career. As a beginner, you might also need help on how to source your supplies and eyelash kits. Enrolling in a course that offers support in these areas will help you save significant time looking for supplies. You can use this time on building a strong clientele. 


The eyelash training courses are available from $400 to $2500. While most offer the same level of knowledge, the pricier ones do offer complimentary kits and other resources. Depending upon your budget, you can select a particular training course.

Now let us look at the best eyelash extension courses.

Best Eyelash Extension Training Classes 

1. Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes offers the best eyelash training experience by providing courses to individuals of all skill levels. They offer real-time live training with educators to their students. This is better than VOD courses, as students can clear their doubts while doing the course. They also have a small batch size of 10 students which ensures training is focused on student development.

Training Highlights:

  • Get your name registered in the certified Xtreme Lashes directory and let clients in your area locate you.
  • Get premium quality Xtreme Lashes products at wholesale prices.
  • Includes Xtreme Lashes certification and access to several loyalty programs.
  • Gifts included in the training are a Pro Eyelash Extension Lash Stylist Pack, Pro Eyelash Extension Application Station Pack and Lashita Deluxe Collection.
  • Course duration – 4 days.
  • Starts from $2,195.

2. Lashforever Canada

Lashforever Canada was the first of its kind lash training institute in Canada. They have an experienced team of accredited instructors and customer care staff who provide exceptional training and support to their students. Lashforever Canada has trained over 9,000 students so far.

The Lash Lift & Tint is a beginner level course offered both in the online and offline formats. The online course gives you unlimited access to the online training portal, allowing you to learn at your pace. They offer 2 more advanced courses at their academies which promises to improve your lash skills. There is also an All-in-One course that combines all the 3 courses into one.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about social media marketing techniques to promote your brand.
  • Certification is included in every course.
  • Get a high-quality lash kit with your course.
  • Course duration – 1 to 4 days.
  • Training centers are located in Manitoba, Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario.
  • Starts from $500 (online) and $750 (offline) + applicable taxes.

3. Lavish Lashes

Tim and Mary Jane, the founders of Lavish Lashes have been in the industry for over 15 years. Mary has herself trained over 3,500 students and personally trains all of the Certified Lavish Lashes Trainers. This gives a sense of trust to students that they are investing in the right eyelash training course.

Lavish Lashes offer multiple course options ranging from Basic to Advanced. The duration of most of their courses is 1 day, during which students also get a chance to apply lash extensions on a model. A great thing about Lavish Lashes is that they also offer an opportunity for professionals to become trainers and work with them in training students.

Training Highlights:

  • Get Lavish Lashes certification upon completion.
  • Course duration – 1 to 2 days. You can also take back-to-back courses.
  • Eyelash Extensions Kits included in some advanced level programs
  • Available at multiple locations all over the USA and Canada.
  • The One Day Basic Course starts from $695.

4. Lashpro Academy

Lashpro Academy was founded by Courtney Buhler, an internationally recognized Lash Artist. She brings years of experience and learning to create a value-adding lash training course.

The academy follows a rigorous process to ensure only students who exhibit safe and high-quality lash applications are granted certificates. Lashpro Academy offers both VOD and Private training courses to students.

Training Highlights:

  • Once registered you have lifetime access to video modules and client files.
  • Kit included with most courses.
  • In-person training available in Taiwan, Queensland (Australia), and Alberta and Ontario (Canada).
  • Optional 3 to 4-hour Private training (on Zoom) also available.
  • Prices start from $495 (without kit) and $895 (with kit).

5. Lash Affair

Lash Affair continuously innovates their training to keep students in sync with the latest lash styling and adhesive trends. Their online lash training is detailed and diverse. The online courses include 5 modules, with one dedicated to ‘Aftercare and Retailing Services.’

Lash Affair also allows you to apply for scholarships. 

Training Highlights:

  • Classroom courses are available across multiple locations in the USA and Canada.
  • Classroom training includes dedicated time slots for applying extensions on models.
  • The duration of classroom training is 2 days.
  • Get mentorship and support after completing certification.
  • Kit is not included in all the online courses.
  • Cost of courses: Online – $600 and Offline $1850 (including kit).

6. Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty focuses on providing premium eyelash training classes. They have created around 12 online and offline eyelash training courses to help everyone from beginners to experts in the lash business.

Apart from the basic Classic and Volume Courses, Yegi Beauty also offers a Yegi Educator course that certifies you as a Yegi Educator. Experienced lash professionals can enroll in this course to start their training careers.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about classic and volume lashes, business tips and creating handmade fans.
  • Online courses give you 90-day access to the training materials.
  • Private 1-on-1 training course only available in California.
  • The duration of classroom training is 2 days.
  • Get mentorship and support after completing certification.
  • Kit is not included in online courses.
  • Course starting price: Online – $495 and Offline $845 (including kit).

7. Lash RX

Lash Rx offers a complete mastery course in eyelash application. Their training is broken into three segments that cover: 

  • Hygiene and safety
  • Lash application process
  • Client aftercare and marketing opportunities.

This ensures that students enrolling in the course are not only equipped to apply lash extensions but are also aware of the safety standards to follow. Students also learn how to market their services. 

Training Highlights:

  • Professional lash extension kit and training manual included in the course.
  • Learn how to apply Natural Classic & 2D-5D Hybrid look.
  • Get mentorship and support after completing certification.
  • Option to book group private training for 8 to 10 individuals.
  • The duration of classroom training is 3 days.
  • Center located in Dallas, Texas.
  • Cost of course $1899 (without kit) and $2500 (including kit).

8. La Lash Academy

La Lash Academy has been training individuals in the last industry since 2005. To help their students get work, the academy has partnerships with lash salons who look forward to employing La Lash Academy graduates.

The academy offers only classroom training through their 2 Day Masterclass. It provides holistic training by clearing the fundamentals of the eyelash application process. They also have a Virtual Beyond Volume class which is for existing lash professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to apply all different types of eyelashes.
  • Small class size to give 1-on-1 time with the instructor.
  • Free retake option if you cannot learn it the first time.
  • Graduates of La Lash Academy get a lifetime 20% on materials purchased from Gotlash.com
  • Center located in Santa Monica, California.
  • The course costs $1199 ($300 extra for the kit). 

9. Pearl Lash

Pearl Lash is a fully licensed and certified lash training academy having a BBB A+ rating. This proves the authenticity and the high-quality training offered by them. Pearl Lash offers both online and offline training courses.  

Each student is trained by a master trainer who guides them through all the steps of eyelash application. Certification is granted after successful completion of the course and you also get unlimited access to the student video portal.

Training Highlights:

  • Participants get a free listing on The Pearl Lash Network of Professional Artists which allows them to market their services.
  • Lifetime support with a direct line of communication with the trainer.
  • Offers free Lifetime Refresher Program to certified students.
  • Centers are located in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Miami, Birmingham, and Boca Raton.
  • The course costs $475 ($150 extra for the kit). 

10. Lash Out! Pro

Lash Out! Pro offers internationally recognized training classes through its online and classroom-based workshop training courses. Lash Out! Pro offers a wide array of resources with their training to help students grow and maintain strong client relationships. Their focus is not limited to making students understand the practical application techniques but also aid them in setting up their brand. 

Training Highlights:

  • Business Startup Tool Kit included with all classes.
  • Phone and Email support with Online Trainer.
  • Special consideration is given to client safety practices.
  • Workshop duration is one day.
  • Training center located at La Jolla, San Diego.
  • Course starting price: Online – $199 (excluding kit) and Workshop $1050 (including Starter Kit).

11. Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes is one of the leading lash training institutes in the United Kingdom. With 10+ years of experience, they offer beginner to expert level eyelash training courses that can help you start as a lash artist or upskill yourself. 

Their training includes a pre-study module, a half-day online webinar and a half-day in-class training. You will get to learn both theory and practical insights into the application of eyelashes. The training also has modules on how to set-up your business, consultation skills and safety procedures to follow.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to apply volume, extensions and semi-permanent lashes.
  • Get a Certification upon completion.
  • Access to lifetime support and a dedicated account manager to all the participants. 
  • Training locations -London, Yorkshire, South Wales, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland. For International training locations and contact information visit their website.
  • Full training duration is 3 months.
  • Costs between £199 to £599 (inclusive of kit)

12. i-Lashes

i-Lashes is a premiere lash salon located in Brisbane CBD, Australia. They offer hands-on training workshops for a beginner as well as experienced lash artists. Both the beginner and advanced level courses have a duration of 2 days and are conducted on Sundays. You can schedule them at your convenience. If you want to learn more, it is also possible to book an additional training class.

While many eyelash training courses limit their study area to training you how to apply lash extensions, iLashes goes a step further by helping you understand the business aspects of the industry. In this course, you will get an idea about how to start a lash business, grow and maintain relationships with customers, budget planning, promoting your business and other related aspects.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to apply eyelash extensions on a live model.
  • Includes email and phone support to grow your business.
  • Receive certification after completion.
  • Training includes a kit with resources to apply eyelash extensions on 20 clients. 
  • Location – Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia.
  • Training costs (inclusive of kit) $1,750. Additional practical training costs $500 per day.

Summing it Up

The job of a lash artist is fun and innovative. With 75% of eyelash artists in the United States earning up to $50,000, it is also a high-earning profession. The right training can help you start on a bright note and expand your business in no time. If you want, you can also turn an entrepreneur and set up your eyelash business

To help you with this, that almost all of the courses offer some sort of support in terms of setting up your business and marketing it on social media. The great thing about them is that they do not let you walk alone even after completing the training. Some courses even offer lifetime support and free follow up classes. This ensures your learning curve keeps growing. 

Now you are ready to select the right training program and start your lash career! 

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