How long will 3D Mink Lashes last?

How long will 3D Mink Lashes last?
This all depends on the type of care you take when applying and taking your stip eyelashes off. Most mink eyelashes that are 3d will last 25 wearing times. However, with the right care, people can get up to 35+ wearing times.

I have a detailed article on how to clean your lashes here.

I'll briefly cover how to care for your strip eyelashes.

Keep your lashes clean, Don't add mascara to your false lashes.
Handle with care - Always use lash tools when applying or taking them off. If You don't have tools like tweezers, make sure to grab close to the band and not the bad itself.
Get easy apply lash adhesive. Cheap glue can ruin the lash band and not come off easily.
Use warm water on the lash band when taking off. Use a q-tip to apply the warm water.
Clean your lashes. The Guide is Here.
Store in a dry, cool place out of immediate sunlight. I like to keep mine right in the case. It will keep the lash strip bands' shape.

The difference between 3D Mink Lashes and other lash styles?
Synthetic eyelashes are the drugstore alternative to natural lashes. But, unfortunately, they’re made from harsh, coarse synthetic materials that come to a blunt end, which means they can be uncomfortable and irritating.

These lashes are shiny and reflective, which means they'll make your falsies look really fake. They're also stiff and clump together easily, so you'll need to replace them more often than other types of mink 3d lashes. These include faux lashes as well.

Silk lashes- it's hard to tell if you are getting silk lashes since most manufacturers use a cheap alternative and market it like silk. Unfortunately, they also tend to be shinier, stiffer, and less comfortable.

3d Mink Lash Strips- These are lightweight, fluffy, and last a long time. The only downside is that you can't get them wet. Really though, who is wanting to get wet after doing your hair, makeup, and everything? On the other hand, if you are going swimming, the chance is you didn't do your makeup and hair and are ready to get wet, so don't let that hold you back from having the most comfortable lashes on the market.
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