• How long will 3D Mink Lashes last?

    How long will 3D Mink Lashes last?This all depends on the type of care you take when applying and taking your stip eyelashes off. Most mink eyelashes that are 3d will last 25 wearing times. However, with the right care, people can get up to 35+ wearing times.I have a detailed article on how to clean your lashes here.I'll briefly cover how to care...
  • Why does the eyelash supplier set the MOQ for custom private label eyelash packaging?

    Lashmallow provides you with exquisite beautiful customized eyelash packaging private label.Custom private label eyelash packaging. A lovely lady, negotiated with me about mink eyelashes and eyelash packaging. Prior to this, she had ordered our 3D natural mink eyelash samples and was very satisfied with the style and quality of the eyelashes. But the only thing for her is to mess up the number of...
  • Why 3D Mink Lashes Are The New must-Have?

    Why 3D Mink Lashes Are The New must-Have?
    Because the mink fur is more glossy and soft, so the 3d mink lashes look usually more natural than other eyelashes. Wearing 3d mink lashes can make your face look more beautiful and elegant. Because there are many styles and different lengths, can be used with different eye shapes. So it’s very natural for everyone to wear it. They are premium mink lashes high...
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