Which Lash Glue Is Right For You?

Do you love a speedy glue that dries in 1 second flat or prefer 2-3 seconds to find your perfect placement? From the seasoned expert to the newly qualified tech, here’s the lowdown on Lash Heaven’s 6 best-selling lash adhesives so you can decide which one is perfect for you.

Fierce Black: This is the glue that put Lashmallow on the map! Fierce Black is a consistent bestseller thanks to its ultra fast drying time of 1-second and its reliability in all kinds of weather (works well in 30-80% humidity / 20-25C degrees). Read the reviews and you’ll see that Fierce Black has a mega loyal following all around the globe.

Use it: If you’re an experienced lash artist who likes to work at fast-pace, or if you’re lashing at live competitions where speed is crucial. Shop Ultra Black.

Fierce Clear: Like its sister glue Fierce Black, Fierce Clear delivers a fast, reliable bond. It’s perfect for all your color lash sets as there’s no color to the glue--letting those rainbow lash extensions shine! Drying time takes 1-second and the consistency is a medium thickness (a bit thicker than Fierce Black).

Use it: If you’re working with color lashes and you like to work fast. Shop Ultra Clear.

Intense Black: Our newest glue quickly earned its loyal following thanks to its 1-2 second dry time, retention of up to 6-7 weeks, and minimal fumes. And it really shows off in the winter months. The ideal working conditions are 18-22C degrees and 35-55% humidity. Humidity outside this range may need a slight adjustment in either more or less glue.

Use it: If you have sensitive clients and your temperature conditions are colder (although adjustments can be made to suit any weather). Shop Intense Black.

Pearl Black: This bottle of lash magic can do it all and really shows off in the summer months. It handles humidity and heat waves with absolute ease! You’ll enjoy a dry time of 1-2 seconds with Pearl Black and love how it adjusts to room conditions. Pearl Black has a medium consistency and research has shown lash extensions last up to 6-7 weeks with it.

Use it: If your conditions are 21-28C degrees and 50-80% humidity. You’ll love it in the summer when a heatwave comes along. In wintertime, Pearl Black is a 2 seconds glue and in the summer it is a 1-second glue. Shop Pearl Black.

Encore Clear & Encore Black: Need an extra second? Encore Black or Clear is here for you! With a dry time of 2-3 seconds, Encore gives you the flexibility to find your perfect placement. With minimal fumes & fantastic retention of up to 5-6 weeks, this glue can change your lash life! Encore Clear is perfect for color lashes.

Use it: If you’re a recently qualified lash artist or an experienced lash tech who likes to work with some flexibility. Encore Clear is the one for you if you love working with color lashes or do not like to see any glue on the extensions! Shop Encore Clear & Encore Black.
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