• Which Lash Glue Is Right For You?

    Do you love a speedy glue that dries in 1 second flat or prefer 2-3 seconds to find your perfect placement? From the seasoned expert to the newly qualified tech, here’s the lowdown on Lash Heaven’s 6 best-selling lash adhesives so you can decide which one is perfect for you. ULTRA BLACK Fierce Black: This is the glue that put Lashmallow on the map!...
  • Eyelash Extension Kits

    OUR EYELASH EXTENSION KITS Our lash extension kit are designed for professional use by lash makers. In the hands of an experienced master, our eyelashes help to create any image for the client. The product range allows you to carry out all types of extensions, necessary materials and tools. We offer reasonable prices, premium quality products, and fast delivery. EYELASH EXTENSION STUDENT KIT The...
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