What lashes to use for mega volume?

Achieving mega volume lashes is a goal for many lash enthusiasts who desire a dramatic and impactful eye look. To accomplish this stunning style, choosing the right type of lashes is crucial. So let's explore the various options available and discuss what lashes to use for mega volume.

1. Ultra-Fine Lash Extensions: When aiming for mega volume, opting for ultra-fine lash extensions is key. These extensions are incredibly thin, typically ranging from 0.03 to 0.05 mm in diameter. Their fine texture allows lash artists to apply multiple extensions to each natural lash without causing excess weight or discomfort.

2. D Curl Lashes: The curl of the lash extensions plays a significant role in achieving mega volume. D curl lashes, which have a strong curl that opens up the eyes and adds dimension, are often preferred for creating a voluminous and dramatic look. The curvature of the D curl helps lift the lashes, creating a bold and eye-catching effect.

3. Pre-Made Volume Fans: Premade volume fans are another popular option for achieving mega volume lashes. These fans consist of multiple lash extensions that are already fanned out and bonded together at the base. They come in various thicknesses and styles, allowing lash artists to customize the volume and density according to their clients' preferences.

4. Mega Volume Lash Trays: Some lash suppliers offer specific trays designed for mega volume lashes. These trays contain lash extensions that are ultra-fine and lightweight, making them ideal for creating voluminous and dense lash looks. Mega volume lash trays often include a variety of lengths and curls to accommodate different eye shapes and desired styles.

5. Synthetic Mink Lashes or Silk Lashes: Synthetic mink or silk lashes are popular choices for achieving mega volume due to their lightweight and flexible nature. These materials mimic the appearance of natural lashes while offering durability and longevity. Synthetic mink and silk lashes are available in a range of thicknesses and curls, making them versatile options for creating customized mega volume looks.

6. Customizable Lash Fans: For lash artists who prefer to hand-make their volume fans, using individual lash extensions to create customizable fans is an excellent option. This allows for greater control over the volume, length, and density of each fan, resulting in a tailored mega volume look that complements the client's natural lashes and eye shape.

7. Mega Volume Lash Adhesive: In addition to selecting the right type of lash extensions, using a high-quality lash adhesive specifically formulated for mega volume is essential. Mega volume lash adhesive should have a fast-drying formula and strong bond to ensure the longevity and durability of the lash extensions.

Achieving mega volume lashes requires careful consideration of the type of lash extensions used. Opting for ultra-fine lash extensions, D curl lashes, premade volume fans, mega volume lash trays, synthetic mink or silk lashes, customizable lash fans, and high-quality lash adhesive are all essential components in creating a voluminous and dramatic lash look that commands attention and elevates the eyes to new heights of glamour.

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