Can You Wear Eyeliner with Lash Extensions? Exploring the Dos and Don'ts

Lash extensions have become a staple in many beauty routines, offering the allure of long, fluttery lashes without the hassle of mascara. However, for those who love to rock a bold eyeliner look, there's often confusion about whether eyeliner is compatible with lash extensions. In this blog, we'll delve into the dos and don'ts of wearing eyeliner with lash extensions, ensuring you can rock your favorite eye makeup without compromising the longevity of your lashes.

Understanding Lash Extension Care:

Before we dive into the eyeliner debate, let's first establish the importance of proper lash extension care. Lash extensions require gentle maintenance to ensure they remain intact and looking their best. Avoiding oil-based products, excessive rubbing, and using gentle cleansers are essential practices to prolong the life of your lash extensions.

Dos of Wearing Eyeliner with Lash Extensions:

  1. Opt for Oil-Free Formulas: When selecting an eyeliner to pair with lash extensions, opt for oil-free formulas. Oil-based products can weaken the bond of the lash adhesive, causing premature shedding of the extensions. Look for gel, liquid, or pencil eyeliners that are labeled as oil-free to maintain the integrity of your lash extensions.

  2. Apply with Caution: If you choose to wear eyeliner with lash extensions, apply it carefully to avoid getting product directly on the lash line. Focus on the area above the lash line to prevent buildup or clumping of product on the lashes themselves.

  3. Choose Water-Based Removers: When removing your makeup, including eyeliner, opt for water-based makeup removers. These formulas are gentle on lash extensions and won't compromise their adhesive bond.

Don'ts of Wearing Eyeliner with Lash Extensions:

  1. Avoid Oil-Based Products: As mentioned earlier, oil-based products are a big no-no when it comes to lash extensions. These products can break down the adhesive bond, causing the extensions to prematurely fall out.

  2. Steer Clear of Waterproof Formulas: While waterproof eyeliner may seem like a reliable option for long-lasting wear, it can be challenging to remove and may require excessive rubbing, which can damage lash extensions. Opt for regular, non-waterproof formulas instead.

  3. Skip Tightlining: Tightlining, or applying eyeliner directly to the waterline, is best avoided when wearing lash extensions. This technique can introduce product buildup to the lash line, increasing the risk of irritation and potentially compromising the longevity of the extensions.


Wearing eyeliner with lash extensions is entirely possible with the right approach. By choosing oil-free formulas, applying with caution, and opting for water-based removers, you can enjoy your favorite eyeliner looks without sacrificing the health and longevity of your lash extensions. Remember to prioritize gentle care and maintenance to ensure your lashes stay looking fabulous for weeks to come.

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