Taking A Break From Lash Extensions – Is It Really Necessary?

So – you love your Lash Extensions (if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading!). They make your face look so fresh and awake, and it’s just so simple to get ready in the mornings…why would you ever stop?
Clients sometimes ask us when they should be taking a break for the sake of their lash health. Their biggest worry is that Eyelash Extensions are straining their natural lashes or making them fall faster than they should. The answer? Properly applied eyelash extensions can be worn indefinitely – as long as the Lash Extension applied is the correct length, weight and thickness for your natural lashes, there’s absolutely no reason why they would be damaged. I personally have been wearing lashes for over ten years with zero issues, and have had one four week break in that entire time – and that was just because of a long holiday!
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Remember, your natural lashes work on a cycle exactly like your hair; there are new itty-bitty baby lashes growing constantly, and older lashes shedding off when it’s their time to go. In your infill appointment, your lash technician will be on the lookout for new lashes that are strong enough to hold an extension, and voila! You’re back up to full lash capacity, looking fabulous.
Remove them in a way that works for you.
You have two options with a break: let the lashes shed gradually over time, or pop into the salon to have them removed professionally. It takes around five to six weeks for a typical lash set to shed completely, and even then you might find a few very determined stragglers. If this is easier, we’d say go for it! For those wanting to go cold turkey, a salon removal is best. It’s a super simple process – a technician applies a removal serum to your lashes and slides off the extensions. We’d recommend against home removals for the sake of your natural lashes, as you can never quite be sure how successful/non-damaging they’ll be! Our removal products are fast-working, professional products and none of us here would attempt our own removals – you (literally) need a second set of eyes for this task!
Ask your stylist.
Your regular technician is your guru when it comes to lash breaks. Using their specialist knowledge, a stylist can give you quality advice on how to get your lashes back to their best. Many of our stylists have had regular lash clients returning for close to 10 years also (as long as we’ve been open!) and can track their lashes all the way back to their first visit. With proper, safe application (and occasional, well-timed breaks if you need it), the lash life really can be a long-term thing.
Try a serum.
Lash serums are a clever way of reviving your lash game – these specially formulated solutions are meant to make your natural lashes grow longer and stronger. Most good lash serums contain conditioning and stimulating ingredients, which can improve your lashes when used on the reg. These products usually show results after a few weeks, so combining a serum with a break is like a spa holiday for your lashes! Our favourite is Lashmallow Lash Safe Growth Serum – we’ve tested it with amazing results!

Be patient
If you’ve had some ultra dodgy lashes done somewhere ($30 express volume, anyone?!) and you’ve been left with a clumpy solid mass of blackness (we’ve seen it all, unfortunately), your natural lashes may have taken a beating, and take longer to recover. If this has happened to you, we would definitely recommend a break – particularly if there are obvious gaps in your lash line. Or if your own lashes are ok, but a little patchy, consider just having a very light/au-naturale set done whilst they recover enough to be ready for a thicker set.

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